Ingco Table Saw | Mini Table Saw | Online tool Shop In Pakistan

Ingco Table Saw | Mini Table Saw | Online tool Shop In Pakistan

Voltage: 220-240V~50Hz Input power: 1500W No load speed: 4500rpm Blade diameter:254mm(10″)Max cutting capacity:85mm (90°)60mm(45 °) Blade Tilting Range:0-45 Degree Sheet Metal Table Top With Big Table Size Main Table Size:430X638mm Extension Table


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Ingco Table Saw 1500 Watt

Ingco table saw or saw bench is best woodworking tool which consists of a kind of circular saw blade that is mounted on an arbor. The blade is driven by a power full pure copper winded electric motor directly. The blade protrudes through surface of the Aluminum Base table top. It provides support for the materials, usually wood or Aluminum that is being cut.

In the latest Ingco table saws the depth of the cut car be varied by moving the blade up and down at various sizes. Height of the blade determines the size of cut. When the blade protrudes above the table surface, deeper the cut can be made in the material. Not like early table saws, where the blade and arbor were fixed, and instead of the blade  the base of table was moved up and down in order to expose more or less of the blade. Ingco table saw is capable to make angle cuts with precision up to 45 degree the angle of cut is controlled by adjusting the blade angle. In Some earlier table saws the table base was moved according to the required angle but Ingco table saw gives you ability to adjust the blade for more accurate and precise angle and straight cuts.

INGCO Portable Table Saw Specification

Input power: 1500 Watt
No load speed: 4500rpm
Blade diameter:250mm
Max cutting capacity:80mm

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