Stanley Diagonal cutting plier | USA Made Tools | Stanley Plier

Stanley Diagonal cutting plier | USA Made Tools | Stanley Plier

Bi-material handle with secure grip grooving
Safe live line working to 1,000 volts
Heat treated high chrome steel forging for long life and durability
Hand ground, induction hardened blade for long life and accuracy
Interlocking joint assembly for smooth cutting
Brand : Stanley USA

Type : Pliers

Model : 0-84-003

Length : 175 mm

Color : Red and Yellow


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Max Steel VDE Stanley Diagonal cutting plier

Stanley Diagonal cutting plier Features & Benefits

Stanley Diagonal cutting plier is heavy duty industrial cutting plier, individually tested up to 10,000v. Stanley provides the Interlocking joint assembly which helps in smooth cutting. The Hand ground and induction hardened blade edges of this Stanley Hand tool are for long life and for the accuracy that you expect from your Stanley Hand tools. The Stanley Combination Pliers comes with Heat treated and high chrome steel forging, which gives your tool long life and durability. Its Bi-material handle gives you the secure grip grooving. The handle is rated 1000V the Safe live line working is supported up to 1,000v. Compliant to EN60900, IEC/CEI900, VDE0680

Diagonal cutting plier Technical Details.

model SKU 0-84-003 
Maximum cutting capacity 1,6 mm
Length 7 inches
Cutting capacity 100kg/mm² 3.4mm
Cutting capacity 160kg/mm² 2mm
L 170 mm
Length 175mm
Weight 280g

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